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Our practice has been offering this service since 2005, and we've treated patients from age 14 to 70. Dr. Grillo and Dr. Robeck use impressions of your teeth and a 3-D computer projection to develop a series of custom made, removable clear trays or “aligners” to use in conjunction with your personal treatment plan. The aligners are changed about every two weeks, and over time gently and gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. 


Benefits to Invisalign:

  • Clear aligners are virtually invisable

  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners

  • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning

  • Eat whatever you want

Sure, there are other options out there for straightening your teeth, but none compare to the convenience and comfort that you will enjoy with Invislaign. And no matter what stage you’re at in life, you will appreciate how our cutting-edge approach to treatment has very little impact on you live but has a significant positive impact on how you look and feel about yourself.

We are now accepting new Invisalign patients and would like to offer you a free no obligation consultation to answer any more questions you may have and to determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.

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