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Welcome! We're Glad You're Here.

If you're like most patients, you appreciate being informed before your dental visits. Here's an overview of what you can expect when visiting Robeck Dental.

Patient Portal

Please take a moment and access you patient portal to fill out paperwork online. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact our practice.  

Our relationship with you rests on a foundation of mutual respect and genuine listening. Your first visit includes quality time to ask questions, express your concerns, and share anything you want us to know.

You’ll step out of our office with a deeper understanding of your oral and general health.  Together we’ll also form a path towards your dental goals. If you have an immediate dental concern, we’ll take care of that first.  Good dentistry blends short and long-term needs into a cohesive plan.

We schedule dedicated time with Dr. Robeck to cover the following areas:


  • Discussion of Your Goals and Concerns

  • Health History Review

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • Gum Disease Screening/Charting

  • Cavity, Fracture, Wear and Missing Tooth Exam/Charting

  • Digital X-Ray Review

A Positive Future

Whether you’re just a few months overdue or a few years have slipped by, you’re in the right place when you enter Robeck Dental.  We enjoy helping patients explore a positive future regardless of your previous experience.

Once we’ve gathered a few records, your doctor personally discusses your current condition with you. Together, you can create a healthy, effective plan that meets your dental and personal goals.  Prioritizing and staging your care gives you the smile you need within a budget and time frame that fits your situation.

Above all, we go beyond expectations to make you feel relaxed at every visit. Any concerns about anxiety can be considered at your first visit, and we’ll discuss innovative ways to put your comfort first. Your physical and emotional wellbeing remain our constant focus regardless of treatment goals.

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