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Robeck Dental Continues 57-Year Legacy

As of August 1, Grillo Robeck Dental will become Robeck Dental and carry on a long history in Okanogan County. In 1965, Dr. Gerald Grillo started the practice in Tonasket as the son of Italian immigrants and the first in his family to attend college. He later moved to Omak in 1972, where he practiced until 2013.

In 1999, Dr. Greg Grillo returned home after serving as a U.S. Navy Dental Officer and purchased the practice two years later. Dr. Troy Robeck, a Tonasket graduate, joined the practice about ten years ago after working in a community clinic in Alaska. All three dentists attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry and have enjoyed a shared philosophy of quality, relationship-based care.

After 27 years in clinical dentistry, Dr. Greg Grillo has stepped back and currently works full-time as a dental consultant and strategist for practices, vendors, and global manufacturers. He’s also the Chief Vision Officer at Method Pro, a dental support agency based in San Diego, speaks and writes on practice ownership, and serves on several dental advisory boards.

“I’ve absolutely loved the relationships with my patients and this incredible team of professionals,” Dr. Grillo said. “The past few years brought introspection, changes for my family, and a new direction coupled with more opportunities to use my background.”

Dr. Troy Robeck has built on more than 12 years of experience and brings expanded skills to our region. With expertise in dental implants, he offers in-house 3D imaging, implant placement, and restoration. In addition, Dr. Robeck’s team provides orthodontic services that include Invisalign and conventional braces. “I’m proud to carry on and expand on the history of this practice, and I’m committed to offering comprehensive services to our family of patients,” Dr. Robeck said.

Robeck Dental is next to Mid-Valley Hospital in Omak in the Shellrock Professional Building. New patient availability is limited, but the practice hopes to offer more opportunities for expanded access soon. Learn more at

To My Valued Patients,

When I left Omak in 1987, I didn’t know if I would ever return. But after eight years at the University of Washington and four more as a U.S. Navy dentist, it felt right to come home in 1999. I loved my years practicing with my dad until 2013, and I feel equally blessed to enjoy the last 10 years with Dr. Troy Robeck in the practice.

After the slow return to post-pandemic normalcy, I decided to turn my attention to new doors that had opened in the past few years. I’ve developed full-time work as a dental consultant, strategist, and content specialist, and I appreciate the opportunity to explore other passions that draw on my 27 years in dentistry.

Dr. Troy Robeck joined me in 2013, and he has proven to be a tremendous asset to our team, patients, and community. I’m honored that he’s taking a 58-year legacy to new levels and ensuring our patients have exceptional care. Currently, he offers services that reach beyond my skills: comprehensive implant dentistry and advanced training that will allow him to provide comprehensive orthodontics for all ages.

I will continue to practice on a limited basis for the near future as I work full-time within the profession on many projects. Some of you know my wife has MS, and we’ve made the difficult decision to leave the area to give her the best chance of maintaining her health closer to valuable resources. I’ve always believed in giving my best, and her future deserves that same intention.

There’s no way to describe what you’ve meant to me over the years. I’ve worked with absolutely amazing patients and staff, and I could write a book of heartwarming stories that I’ll take with me. The Grillo Robeck Dental team has proven that small towns produce exceptional healthcare that rivals and surpasses the big-city lights. The Robeck Dental Team will take this legacy to new heights.

Most sincerely,

Greg Grillo, D.D.S

In September 2012, two years after graduating from the University of Washington School of Dentistry and practicing in Alaska, I jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime to join Dr. Greg Grillo in a world-class dental practice. The legacy that began in 1965 with Dr. Jerry Grillo was soaring to new heights and I was honored to become a part of it. My wife, Laura, and I both knew very quickly that this was the right move for our family.

My life has been deeply enriched over the last 10 years by the relationships I’ve developed with our family of patients, an outstanding team of professionals, and a business partner and friend of unmatched character. The time has flown by more quickly that I could have imagined and, as always, change has come along for the ride.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce we are changing from Grillo Robeck Dental to Robeck Dental, effective August 1, 2022. I will greatly miss Dr. Greg as he transitions to other vital focuses in his life, but I wholeheartedly support his journey. I am grateful for the friend and mentor he has been. I look forward with enthusiasm to continuing the unparalleled service our community has come to expect from us. Our talented team is committed to carrying forward the legacy of personable, high quality dental care. In addition, we will be expanding our services as early as this year to include comprehensive orthodontic care for children and adults to reach more of our valued community.

The pandemic upended many aspects of our lives, including how we schedule and deliver dental care. We have navigated these challenges to our best ability, doing our best to maintain consistent care for our patients who call us home. While we can’t see everything that lies ahead, I am happy to say that the future of Robeck Dental is bright, and we remain committed to your oral health. Feel free to visit our new website, but please be patient as we work to get it updated.

Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in our team, and in me personally, over the years. Dentistry is a passion for me, and I am honored to share it with so many of you whom I consider to be a part of my own family. I look forward to our next visit!


Troy Robeck, DDS

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05 ago 2022

You will be missed Dr Greg but you've left your office in great hands. 21 years we've been your victims, err patients 😁. I may be the only one you knew that looked forward to coming to your office. From the moment I walked in your office I felt like family. Your customer service is unmatched and I know Dr Troy will keep it that way. Best of luck on your new ventures and hopefully our paths will cross in the future. God speed to you and thank you. Bobby

Me gusta
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