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The Dangers of Poor Sleep Health

We’re concerned about the overall health of our patients, including sleep health. Many people suffer needlessly from dangerous sleep disruptive disorders that keep them from getting enough oxygen at night.  The risk of a heart attack is 23 times more likely than average with a sleep disorder, and92% of stroke victims live unknowingly with this condition. New technology allows simple testing in the comfort of your own home with results deciphered by a board certified sleep doctor, all coordinated by us without leaving our office.


We are a team with significant specialized training and equipment which allows us to offer you comprehensive education and treatment surrounding sleep health in the simplest and most cost effective way possible. Furthermore, we generally can utilize medical insurance to help you with any treatment that is advised by the sleep doctor with all costs pre-authorized in advance.

If you answer YES to ONE of the following questions, the risk of low oxygen during sleep is high.  

  • Do you have high blood pressure?                                                  

  • Do you have diabetes?                                                               

  • Does anyone say you snore?

  • Do you ever wake up choking or gasping?  

  • Have you been told you stop breathing at night?

  • Do you frequently wake up with headaches or feel excessively tired during the day?

Sleep disorders are estimated to shorten life by 12-15 years, and yet they can easily be managed to extend the quality AND quantity of life.  We’re happy to offer you a free sleep consultation to discuss these issues with you.

For a more comprehensive online screening tool, click on the link below:

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